About Me

I've been shooting professionally since 2009 and I cover the Brisbane and Gold Coast region.

Born and raised in the London area of the UK I grew up knowing I wanted to do something creative with my life.  I was a keen artist and was always drawing comic book characters or spaceships when I probably should have been working on my homework.  

After school I studied fine art and learned about perspective and composition and tone and colour etc...

It wasn't until much later in life after I had moved to the other side of the planet to Australia that I discovered photography as an outlet for my imagination.  I'd always loved cameras growing up but never had my own.  Once I got hold of my first digital camera I knew this was something I really wanted to explore.

My earlier art studies really helped me understand the medium and also helped me pick up the skills required to retouch images in Photoshop.

I love shooting people.  Whether it's an intimate shoot in my studio or capturing the moments of their wedding day I really enjoy the connection that the photographer must make to create a truly great portrait.

I've had the privilege of working with some pretty big clients over the years and shooting events is also something I thoroughly enjoy.

Some of my past clients include: