Marlee Watch Co. Product Photos

I am tremendously proud to reveal that I was recently asked to photograph the new range of watches from Marlee Watch Co.

Some of the new range from Marlee Watch Co.

Some of the new range from Marlee Watch Co.

If you haven't heard of Marlee, here is how they describe themselves on their website:

Marlee is from the heart and soul of two sisters, Jessica and Rachel.  Two completely different people with one vision and one very strong passion to create.  With an interest in children’s fashion, a constant search for contemporary timepieces for Jess’ son Charlie was always left unanswered. This led to the innovation of Marlee.

Their vision was to change the stigma of children’s watches by bringing something completely new to the world of children’s accessories.  In a time like now, where children’s fashion is just as important and carefully put together as their adult counterparts, it seemed unfathomable that there were no children’s timepieces that matched this level of sophistication.

For this reason, Marlee uses the highest quality materials and the sisters have been absolutely instrumental in designing the timepieces every step of the way.  Marlee has a commitment to continue to evolve with the fashion industry but to always stay true to it’s roots. 
— Marlee Watch Co. Website

Keep an eye out for more exciting products and images from this great Gold Coast Company. 

A wonderful country wedding

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to photograph the wedding of Cherese and Kyle Livingstone.  

The wedding was held out at Gordon Country in Goomburra.  This beautiful wilderness retreat offered up so many awe inspiring backdrops that we were spoiled for choice.  

Cherese and Kyle were a great couple to work with and their family and friends were incredibly warm and welcoming.

Looking forward to presenting the newly weds with their leather bound album and getting to see the looks on their faces as they see some of the photos for the first time.

First Band Shoot

This past weekend I got the opportunity to shoot my first Music Band.

A friend of mine is a guitarist in the band Fairchild.  These guys are amazing and I'd highly encourage you to check out their work on spotify (or google music... or whatever music consumption app you favour).

Anyway, for the shoot we were going for an old faded summery, beachy, boardwalk(ee?) kinda vibe and the guys had some inspiration shots for me to draw from which was immensely helpful.

We chose to shoot near Marina Mirage here on the Gold Coast as the guys have recently returned back here from a few years making a name for themselves in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Getting 6 young guys to stand still and concentrate for longer than 3 seconds was always going to be a task but the boys surprised me with their enthusiasm and commitment to getting the shot.  

Some technical difficulties with my new battery powered Godox AD600 strobe (later discovered to be user error... DUH!) notwithstanding we ended up with the following shot which I am proud of and feedback from the band is that they love it too.  Great success! 



Product shots

I've been interested in doing more product shots lately and thinking about how I'd like to light them.  

I put together a little set for small products this afternoon and shot a few things that I had lying around the house.  Here is a shot of my UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker which I think worked out well. 

More product shots coming soon.  Watch this space! :)

UE Boom - product photography test number 1

UE Boom - product photography test number 1

They left WHAT on the Moon?

There are 12 Hasselblad cameras lying around on the moon.  The astronauts left them there to allow for the weight of more rocks to be brought back with them.

I don’t know about you but I’d rather have a Hasselblad camera than a moon rock.