Fun times in Iceland

We arrived in Iceland on Thursday evening and went through the orientation on our Motorhome before driving into Reykjavik to find something to eat and a place to camp for the night.

On Friday we walked around most of Reykjavik taking in the sites and sounds of downtown and some of the tourist attractions such as the Pearl (a large glass dome building containing an art gallery and restaurants and boasting some of the best views over the city).  

Saturday started off so well.  We picked up our Model (Svala) for the day and started driving eastwards.  We arrived at Skogarfoss and shot some frames of the waterfall and Svala.  Once satisfied we continued down the road and stopped once again at yet another waterfall.

The weather up until this point had been overcast and drizzly but not too threatening thanks to my Camera Rain Cover and the weather sealing on the 5D Mark III.  

A little further down the road we hit a snag...

Not the best place to get a flat tyre...

After plenty of messing around we finally got our spare tyre fitted and were back on the road again.  Unfortunately this was just the start of the miserable day that lay ahead for us.  Torrential rain and think fog made any photography impossible and several hours of driving didn't take us out of the weather.  Saturday was mostly a day to forget.

Everything always seems better in the morning
— Unknown

By contrast, Sunday (today) was entirely more enjoyable and productive.  We visited Geysers and I had a lovely hot Geyser Shower...

After this refreshing (albeit eggy smelling) shower, we travelled further down the road to Gullfoss and then onto Thingvellir National Park before returning back to Reykjavik for the night.

Due to strong winds forecast for tomorrow we won't be able to visit the Glacial Lagoon as we'd hope but that will leave something to look forward to on the next trip to this beautiful part of the world.  

Check out the Europe 2015 page under Travel for more photos from the past few weeks and check back regularly as there will be more coming very soon.  

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