First Band Shoot

This past weekend I got the opportunity to shoot my first Music Band.

A friend of mine is a guitarist in the band Fairchild.  These guys are amazing and I'd highly encourage you to check out their work on spotify (or google music... or whatever music consumption app you favour).

Anyway, for the shoot we were going for an old faded summery, beachy, boardwalk(ee?) kinda vibe and the guys had some inspiration shots for me to draw from which was immensely helpful.

We chose to shoot near Marina Mirage here on the Gold Coast as the guys have recently returned back here from a few years making a name for themselves in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Getting 6 young guys to stand still and concentrate for longer than 3 seconds was always going to be a task but the boys surprised me with their enthusiasm and commitment to getting the shot.  

Some technical difficulties with my new battery powered Godox AD600 strobe (later discovered to be user error... DUH!) notwithstanding we ended up with the following shot which I am proud of and feedback from the band is that they love it too.  Great success! 



James AllanComment