Portrait photographer


Why do you need a portrait session with a professional portrait photographer?

In the age of mobile phone cameras reaching record resolutions, Instagram filters, and more editing options than ever before, why would anyone need to book a portrait session with a professional portrait photographer?

The answer is simple… a professional photographer doesn’t take a photo; he/she makes a photo!

If you have ever been to one of my shoots you’ll know that what appears on the screen on the back of my camera rarely resembles what you see with your own eyes. Careful and considered lighting, the right exposure settings, the most flattering angle and focal length all go into making an image that only exists for a fraction of a second when that flash goes off.

The image is then loaded into Photoshop and taken to the next level to create a final product that you simply will never get from your iPhone camera.

Here are a few good reasons why now might be the right time for you to book a session with me:

  • I’m looking to get signed by a modelling agency and start a modelling career but I don’t know where to start?

  • I’ve been working my butt off in the gym and want to keep some record of what I’ve achieved and show off my hard work.

  • I need professional head shots for my resume, corporate website, LinkedIn or Facebook profile.

  • I’m have a big birthday coming up and I’d like some photos of me at this age to look back on when i’m older.

  • I’m getting married soon and I’d like to give my partner a boudoir photo book as a wedding gift.

  • I just broke up with my partner and want to post some photos of me looking my best to show them what they’re missing.

  • I just like being pampered and looking great!

So there you have it. Lots of reasons why you need a portrait session and I’m sure you can think of a bunch more too. Take a look at some of my work below and if you like what you see, click the button below to book your session.